• The Mandela Day Triathlon is the newest edition to the already popular Mandela Day Marathon.
  • The Triathlon event takes place at Midmar Dam on Saturday the 26th August 2017 On the day there will be 3 different Triathlon events to enter into.
  • The shortest race, the Mini Triathlon will consist of a 200m , 5km cycle and a 2.5km run.
  • The Sprint Triathlon is the middle distance race and will consist of a 600m swim, a 20km cycle and a 5km run. The favourite Olympic Distance race is the longest race and consists of a 1.5km swim a 40km cycle and a 10km run.
  • With R120 000 in prize money on offer and R22 500 for the winning Olympic Male and Female the Olympic race is going to attract the best of the best Triathletes around South Africa.
  • The triathlon race is the new kid on the block, adding to the impressive portfolio of events like the Mandela Marathon, Mandela Trail Run and the Mandela Mountain bike races.
  • Triathlon is a relatively new sport around the world compared to the rest of the disciplines but it is growing in popularity across the world as athletes look for more challenging events to test their mettle.
  • The association of the Triathlon event with the Mandela Day Marathon represents a solid unity between main stream sports and fringe sports like Triathlon.
  • The challenge of racing 3 different disciplines in one event embodies Nelson Mandela's struggle and perseverance to achieve his goal and his own finish line.
  • The Mandela Day Triathlon race entries will open on the 17May 2017 and close on the 14th of August. Competitors can enter in Teams of 2 or 3 for the Sprint and Olympic races to share the challenge of the triathlon distances.
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Date: 26th August 2017 Start Venue: Midmar Dam Prize Money: R120 000 Events
  • 10:30am Start - Mini Triathlon - 200m Swim / 5km Cycle / 2.5km Run (Winner 10:50am)
  • 11:15pm Start - Sprint Triathlon - 600m Swim / 20km Cycle / 5km Run (Winner 12:15pm)
  • 1pm Start - Olympic Triathlon (cut off time is 4 hours) - 1.5km Swim / 40km Cycle / 10km Run (Winner 2:15pm)
Registration Venues: 
  • Midmar Dam Conference Centre
Draft legal Race
  • 10km race lap for the Sprint & Olympic Distance races. Road bikes with road drop bars and mountain bikes only.
NO: Bar End Shifters - Shifters must be on the road bike drop bars NO: Open Bars (must be closed / joined) NO: Tri Bars can't extend past road bike gear shifters Entries open on the 17 May 2017. Entry Costs:
  • Mini: Normal price: R150
  • Sprint: Normal price: R400
  • Olympic: Normal price: R750
  • Sprint TEAM: Normal price: R600
  • Olympic TEAM: Normal price: R850
Mini Tri entrants get: 
  • Swim Cap / Race Number & Finishers Medal
Sprint & Olympic entrants get: 
  • Race T-shirt, Swim cap, Finishers Medal
Registration Times: 
  • 9:30am to 12:30pm.
Entries closing date: Tuesday 21st August at 5pm.


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