42 KM
The 42.2 KM ultra-Marathon is our flagship event. Race has been scheduled to take place on 27 August 2017. Thobani Chagwe holds the record time of 2:27:12 (2014) for the male race and Irvette Van Zyl holds the record time of 2:4715 (2014) for the female race. The male's race was won last year (2016) by Tsepang Ramonene and the female’s race was won Selam Abere Alebachew. Race Starts at Manaye Hall in iMbali (Pietermaritzburg) where Nelson Mandela made his last speech as a free man in 1962 before he was arrested by the apartheid police in Howick on 5 August at spot which is now referred to as the Capture Site.
  • All Athletes will receive a sms confirm your entry.
  • Registration will take place in Durban, Moses Mabhida Stadium on 22 August and Pietermaritzburg 24 - 26 August 2017.
  • Each athlete will be given a Goodie Bag, Race pack, and Final Race Instructions on Registration
  • No registrations will be done on the day of the race.
  • Parking has been reserved at the starting point.
  • Roads will be closed 30 minutes before the race.
  • Race starts at 06H00.
  • There will be no shuttle buses from the Finish site to shuttle Athletes to the starts before the race. Therefore you are advised to park at the start.
  • Athletes will be shuttled back to their vehicles after they have finished the race.
  • Should the winner (man and woman) of the 2017 Mandela Day Marathon break the Best Time  recorded, he or she will receive a cash payment of R 50 000.00.
The 42.2km race is run with a 6 hour cut-off. There will be 6 cut-off points on the route and the cut-off times for these points will be confirmed in the final race instructions. The MANDELA DAY MARATHON reserves the right to alter these positions.  Runners will be required to board a rescue bus and be transported to the finish venue should they not have reached the cut-off points within the specified time. Athletes MUST retire once ordered to do so by a race official, medical delegate or medical staff. IAAF Rule The cut-off points will be clearly sign posted and do not relate to the location of any timing mats or other markers along the route. Point 1 – 08:50 Mtolo Butchery (Caluza Road / Dennis Shepstone Drive) Point 2 – 9:30   Half Way Mark Point 3 – 10:00 Rotunda Entrance (Cedara Road) Point 4 – 10:30 Merryvale off-ramp Point 5 – 11:00  Howick Stadium Point 6 – 12:00 Finish Line Please note that these times and positions are subject to change should the organisers deem it necessary. The final cut-off is at 6 hours (12h00) and if you have not reached the Finish, you must leave the route and retire from the race immediately.
2016 experienced a few minor problems leading to the delayed start of both the 10 and 21.1 km road races. The organising team had extensive debrief meetings analysing actions leading to the traffic gridlock caused by insufficient road infrastructure. The organising committee developed a strategy directing all athletes directly to the start venues where we will guide athletes into convenient, safe parking areas with security guards. This will alleviate pressure at the finish venue parking area and require less transport of athletes in the early hours of the morning. All routes to the Start Venues will be clearly signposted from the freeway to the Start Venue. ALL START VENUES WILL HAVE A DESIGNATED PARKING AREA  PARKING AREAS WILL BE OPEN AS FROM 02h00 ON RACE DAY.

2017 Will supply an extensive shuttle service transporting athletes after the event back to their vehicles parked at the Start Venues. A total of 20 x 65 seated busses and 45 x 16 seated taxis will be used to transport athletes. No shuttles will be running in the morning to start venues.

  • Road Running Events Sunday 27 August
  • 26 Fully Stocked Refreshment Stations
  • 1,5 Km apart
  • ABSA Hydration Zone
  • Finish line refreshment station
  • Full Athlete Recovery area with post event meals
  • Road Running Events Sunday 27 August
  • Accommodation for 900 athletes
  • 42,2km athletes  FET College Imbali
  • Full meals supplied
  • Transport to start venues